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usic For Your Soul



Coming   Soon


April 1'st 2024

3 different versions !!! 

Listen to your soul

Stuck In The Middle 
Of The Road 
Ft. Bad Luck


How it started

Sunny Bloom - Music for your soul

At the end of 2016 my life has changed (I divorced and changed my whole life style-from a Jewish Rabbi I got backed to the Music world and Rock'n'Roll) I had started to write songs with my disaster English I had then(A few times I used Google translate for it ).

I got a great inspiration from Silk Sonic so I had started to produce my music playing, singing and mixing it alone by myself, and when it started to sound as I wanted, I started to release it even though I couldn’t promote it.

At the year 2023 released 19 songs I produced for me, for Vick Davis (This great talent 15 years old is also my son) and Udi Zohar (Blues and Soul Hebrew singer).

Here is the site where you can find all of my products and collaborations with other artists and musicians…You can also subscribe and be updated about new music.

…Take a little breath and listen...  

...I made it for you...

...Music for your soul…

Always Peace and Love - Sunny Bloom

Created and managed by Peace & love Music

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